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About Us

Here at Canine Divine we believe in treating your pets like royalty. We only offer the best possible treatment and want to make the overall experience relaxing and worry-free for you and your pooch. Your family is our family too. Canine Divine is a family run business with trained, experienced dog groomers. We use only the best products on our guests, with a variety of shampoos, sprays, and grooming products that fit the needs of your pets skin and hair. At Canine Divine we believe each pet needs a relaxing no-stress treatment. All pets are required vaccine records to keep our groomers, customers, and pets safe.

Meet the groomers


With 9+ years of experience, Bianca has known the dog grooming world for most of her adult life. Dog grooming was decided as a job to get her through college until she fell in love with it as a career. "Every form of social media I have is filled with dog grooming. I'm always watching videos, asking questions and learning how to do things better. Every day i come into work with a 'look what i saw' find of the day. Theres never enough knowledge in this industry and this is the place where I can learn and expand my knowledge. I have a bond with the customers and look at them like family. I also can tell exactly who a dog is by their face. I work with these pets like they're my own so when i see them i know exactly who they are. Its like people faces, except i know every dogs face and name." Bianca has a rescued pit and a shutzhund trained german shepherd. Her favorite service is creative hair dye and specialty/show cuts.


With 30 years of experience as a hairdresser, Lori decided to move into the wonderful world of dog grooming. "I was a hairdresser for 30 years before i decided to give dog grooming a try and i absolutely fell in love with the process. My favorite part of this entire journey has been being able to build bonds with the costumers and their babies as well. I love how happy the dogs get when they enter the salon doors. This is exactly how dog grooming should be for dogs, relaxing and loving. I will always take care of your dog as if it were my own." Lori has "all of her kids dogs" which is 5 total. Her favorite service is nail polish and getting to try a new style on a pet when the customer says they trust her to try something new.


Meet our newest groomer at Canine Divine! Maria has graduated from grooming school and excelled at being a part of our team since 2021. While Maria was in school to be an esthetician, she was a bather at Canine Divine. "Their patience, skill and technique is what made me decide that i belong in a grooming salon, not a beauty salon. I decided to learn how to groom and came back to Canine Divine as a professional groomer, not a bather! The environment here is calming and fun. I make sure each dog is comfortable and has an amazing experience the second they walk in the door. I will never regret changing my career choice from esthetician to dog groomer because I truly believe there needs to be more compassionate groomers in the industry, and thats exactly what i've been taught to deliver at Canine Divine" Maria owns a goldendoodle and a mini dachshund. Her favorite service is adding in bows/bandanas and making them look pretty and specialty doodle cuts.

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