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Trimming the Fur
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Q.  How long does the grooming process take?

A. depending on the size and breed, most small dogs take around 2 hours. Larger dogs or dogs that are afraid of the dryer will take longer.

Q. What vaccinations are required?

A. in order to maintain a safe inviornment, the rabies vaccination is required. the vaccine must be given At least 24 hours prior to the grooming appointment. puppies under 5 months are not required to be vaccinated for the first groom.

Q. Can I shave down my double coated dog to stop shedding?

A. shaving down a double coated dog will not stop the shedding. YOU CANNOT STOP A DOG fROM SHEDDING. In addition, shaving one down could result in patchy hair growth or hair not growing back. research shaving down a double coated dog before getting it groomed. 

Q. Why is there a matting fee?

A. when a matted dog comes in it must be shaved down before the bath and then groomed again after the bath. This dull the blades extremely and also takes up a lot more time and effort to groom the dog twice.

Q. What if I don't like the groom?

a. If you are unhappy with how the groom has turned out, You can tell us. We bring the dog out before paying so you can tell us if there is anything you want fixed with the cut. you can also schedule an appointment up to 7 days after the groom and have it redone at no charge, 

Q. What payments do you accept? 
A. We accept all forms of payment. 
Q. What if my dog is aggressive/uncooperative?
A. we cannot accept aggressive dogs due to the danger for the groomer and the pet. we are willing to try on any dog you bring in. if it cannot be done you will not be charged for the appointment, only for what was done to the pet.

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